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The page on the Canadian game Kaiser has been rewritten and expanded to include rules for the 34-card Saskatchewan variant sometimes known as Three-Spot, the Québec variant Les Rois, and the related games Lost Heir and Joffre played with special cards.New version of the alphabetical index, showing number and type of cards used for each game as well as the number of players. E., Iron Cross, Pass the Trash, Poker with Two Hands and Roll Your Own.

There is also a new set of Example Hands demonstrating bidding, announcement and playing techniques.The new index also has a fuller listing of alternative names of games and variants. All are listed in the poker variants index, along with invented poker variants which are now organised into separate pages for draw, stud, shared card, match pot and miscellaneous games.All the variants formerly listed on the old poker page are now reinstated, either on the existing variants pages or on the new pages for Badugi, Buy Your Card, Cincinnati, Guts, H. The Poker section has been reorganised and expanded. Il documentario ripercorre la lunga carriera dell’attore siciliano attraverso la voce di Gregorio Napoli e le testimonianze di Giuliano Gemma, Nino Frassica, Leo Gullotta, Tony Sperandeo, Tiziana Lodato, Gilberto Idonea, Steve Della Casa, Franco Nero e tanti altri artisti e attori.La colonna sonora è stata realizzata appositamente da Michele Segretario (tastierista della band siciliana Cordepazze).

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