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Therefore, to ensure the best user experience, we are shifting our resources from our legacy Weather Direct forecast service to the new La Crosse View platform and our Weather Direct forecast service only will be discontinued August 31, 2017. WD was kinda clunky in that you had a piece of hardware connected to the internet by Ethernet cord that then broadcasts the info to the display.However, as a long time user of our Weather Direct system, you will receive a special offer on a new La Crosse Technology weather station with the free La Crosse View APP when it is released in the near future. Don't worry about us making the new shiny obsolete. You had to activate #1hardware first and then add as many as you want displays around the house (which I did).As a result we are confident the new La Crosse Technology weather stations, in conjunction with the La Crosse View APP, will exceed customer expectations.As we transition to the La Crosse View platform, it is important to focus our attention on our new system.Just got email that La Crosse is closing down support for weather direct devices. They are going with a Wi Fi based weather display system. Here is what I got from Lacrosse: Dear Weather Direct user, If you are currently utilizing a WD-Series or WA-Series (Model # begins with WD- or WA-) weather station to receive forecasts, please read on for important information about your station.They will be offering special deal to their loyal customers ( like me) on the new and improved system. So my 5 WD units will end in the landfill sometime in Sept. If you do not have one of these stations, check out the information that follows about our new weather stations launching this fall.All the Weather Direct displays are useless as of now. They did give a discount to me to purchase a TX60u-IT remote sensor.

Yes, the units will just work as they are for now, until Weather Direct makes the change. AND I have a 40% off coupon code for anything in their store.

QCMS uses automated validity, internal consistency, temporal, and spatial checks to evaluate data quality (read more about QCMS).

Your station's performance statistics are available at these locations: - NOAA's QCMS Statistics for APRS Wx Net Citizen Weather ("flagged" stations only) Hourly | Daily | Weekly | Monthly - Russ Chadwick's QCMS Interactive Retrieval Page- Get feedback of your weather station's performance by registering with Phillip Gladstone Quality Reporter Suite which includes a Quality Assurance Listserver and Graphs Email Service (.

Lacrosse (according to their email) says the 31st is the end.

Funny thing is that I can't find any other confirmation (other than the email I posted) that Lacrosse is pulling the plug. Update: Weather direct units still working as of 09/20/17. Or their new, improved model was just not quite ready to roll out yet? The planned time for the units to stop receiving data was 09/01.

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