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Fran Walfish, a Beverly Hills family and relationship psychotherapist, author of .

"They withhold communication of their feelings and share them with an outsider to keep a wedge between them and their spouse.

Remember: Splitting the occasional pizza with a buddy shouldn't make you feel like a thief about to commit the ultimate heist. "The person completely fills your mind's mental space (you think about him/her constantly or obsessively)," Walfish says.

"You find yourself modifying your routine/schedule to see the person more frequently, the quantity and frequency of contact with him/her increases, and your feelings for the other person deepen and intensify." Also, pay attention to the butterflies that may be buzzing around your tummy when he texts and don't ignore these emotional changes.

To feel desired and wanted is a very powerful feeling, and some will risk everything (including their marriage) because this feeling is so strong." Since everybody's different, there's no universal answer to the burning question as to why you've turned to the guy from accounting for intimacy.

"Some folks use emotional affairs as a mechanism for avoiding true intimacy with their partner/spouse," says Dr.Many long-term relationships and marriages become "comfortable" after a few years and some partners may find themselves longing for a time when their spouse was electrified just by the sight of them.Instead of working together to bring back some of that passion and intensity, it's often easier to seek thrills outside of the relationship."Affairs are a symptom of a relationship gone awry," Bossiere says.It's one thing to complain about how your partner always leaves towels on the bathroom floor to your best friend, it's another to confide in a crush about how unhappy you've been in your relationship or about how your partner isn't giving you the emotional connection or satisfying sex you crave.If you're revealing feelings about your partner to your crush that you haven't even told your partner, this is a sure sign you're growing too emotionally attached to another person.

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