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True Truths Way of the Master Watchdog Exposing Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, and WOTM.

Why Won't God Heal Amputees The Alternative Bible Scholarship Site Explores new developments in alternative explanations of the origin of the Bible - primarily Christianity for the time being Movies, Documentaries & Magazines.

This site is designed to help prop up and honor those who have gone through the effort of creating a website outside of the social networking realm.

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Understanding Science Developed by the NCSE to counter common misconceptions about the scientific method.

Some of these science sites are authors that are atheist and have asked to be listed.

We may add a medicine category or evolution category later.

Every person that links to this list will be helping these sites. We "keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number." Please feel free to post a paragraph about your group on the Atheist Organizations Descriptions page.

Do not post links to Social Networks on THIS page - post those instead to Facebook Atheist Groups and G Atheist Groups and Twitter Atheists.

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    Employment and Residence Restrictions Were Reduced The restrictions that apply to a person is now based on the restrictions which were in place in the law at the time of the offense conduct.