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If you’ve used a five-point scale and you see a response indicating the number six, you may have an error with data entry.Step 4: Use Principal Components Analysis (PCA) Principal components analysis, or PCA, allows you to identify underlying components that are being measured by your survey questions.If that is not the case, you may want to think about eliminating that respondent from the survey.Also double-check minimum and maximum values for your overall dataset.The number of factor-themes you can identify indicates the number of elements your survey is measuring.This step validates what your survey is actually measuring.

The more participants you can round up, the better, although even a smaller sample can help you weed out irrelevant or weak questions.

One of the proposed survey strategies you may have run across is the suggestion to validate the questions in your survey.

While many organizations may urge you to “add validation” as a quick survey tip, that’s about as far as their suggestion often goes.

Step 1: Establish Face Validity This two-step process involves having your survey reviewed by two different parties.

The first is a group familiar with your topic who can evaluate if your questions successfully capture your topic.

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