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There was an underlying Fruity Flavour giving a slight Sweetness, this was in no way – . The White Coffee impressed on my first visit, (back in the days when Hector could drink Coffee and sleep at night) and so Marg was encouraged to order Coffee (£2.55). I had just opened it when Naveed walked in, I have not seen him for months, he travelled more miles than Hector last year.

We spoke at length about his travels to Canada and Pakistan.

The Seasoning was spot on, Cinnamon was the first Flavour to hit the palate, this gave way to Cloves.

I had anticipated Lamb on-the-bone, perhaps I had not looked closely enough at the tray under the counter.

This would give me the Opperchancity to see many more Dishes later in our visit.

The arrival of our Order was heralded by the Mature Waiter uttering his distinctive mantra: As the Naan Breads arrived at the nearby tables I have to declare I was impressed.

They were Large enough to share and had a decent Girth.

Short of going over and asking for a piece, I can say no more.

Should I ever return to Marg’s Karahi appeared to be filled with an interesting mix of Meat and Fruit, featuring large pieces of Mango with Tomatoes and a Fresh Coriander Garnish.

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