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The liquidator must publish a notice in a nationally distributed daily newspaper, stating where the final account and the plan of distribution have been deposited for public inspection.

Upon publication of such notice in the newspaper a two-month waiting period commences, during which any interested party may institute opposition against the final account and/or the plan of distribution.

After expiration of the two-month waiting period, the actual distribution of the liquidation proceeds may take place, unless objections were raised.

Upon termination of the winding-up procedure, the company's books and records must remain stored with the custodian for a period of seven years.

Voiding of disposal of assets – Once a winding-up petition has been presented it is likely that the disposal of any assets could be voided.

In the event that the company has a Supervisory Board, this body should approve the shareholders' resolution to dissolve the company.

If there is only one shareholder the plan of distribution is not necessary.

The final account and the plan of distribution must be deposited at the company's office, if such office still exists, and must be filed with the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce.

Withdrawal of support from suppliers and customers – nothing travels as fast as bad news and insolvency may also be a trigger event, entitling suppliers and customers to take protective measures under contracts with the company.

This can include termination of contracts and other enforcement measures.

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